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Cat owners want the best for their feline friends, and Litter Purrfect™ delivers. We enjoy connecting with our customers and we invite those who love our litter to post reviews on our Facebook page.

At our company, we're animal lovers too, and our goal is to make it easy for pet owners to care for their cats. Quality is more important to us than profit, so we focus on a top-quality clumping litter product for people who are crazy about their cats.

Dust-Free Odor Control

As cat owners ourselves, we have dedicated ourselves to using only the finest clays available to produce a natural product. Made with premium-quality sodium bentonite clay, Litter Purrfect is 99% dust-free, keeping you and your pet safe from harmful airborne particles.

At our company, we're committed to manufacturing litter products that are safe for our customers, their pets, and the environment. Now 100%-natural, Litter Purrfect Scoopable Cat Litter is specially formulated to provide dual-action odor control with natural lemongrass and baking soda. These ingredients provide the moisture-activated odor control our customers appreciate.

All-Natural Litter in a Recyclable Container

Litter Purrfect Scoopable Cat Litter is available in all-natural varieties packaged in our new, 100%-recyclable jug. Litter Purrfect is easy to pour, easy to reseal, and convenient to store. It's available in 20 lb. and 35 lb. containers.

• Litter Purrfect
• Scoopable Cat Litter
• Odor Fighting Crystals
• All-Natural Lemongrass Fragrance
• Ammonia Fighting

• Moisture Sealing Zeolite & Bacteria Destroying Probiotics
• Multi-Cat Formula with Odor Eliminating Baking Soda

• 99% Dust Free
Litter Purrfect Bottle

Key Features

Rock Hard Clumping Action – Easy to scoop and clean, doesn’t leave any bad odors behind
All Natural Lemongrass Scent – Signature Scent of LitterPurrfect
All Natural Green Zeolite - A natural mineral crystal found in the earth, made of a complex honeycomb structure with millions of microscopic spaces that locks Up bacteria and odour through a bonding action.
99.4% Dust Free – screen 4 times before finish product
Probiotic 20 day Odor Control:

• Using 5 types of beneficial bacteria to outcompete bad bacteria that creates malodors
• In presence of food (waste), spores open, outcompete “bad” bacteria, go back to spore form
• Recent independent lab test:
• 5 days growth testing
• 6350 CFU/g “bad” bacteria count present in clay
• Same day treated with then treated with ProB and culture for 5 days
• Result was 2850 CFU/g of only “good” microbes
• No “bad” bacteria remained
• Effectively 20-30 days of odor control
• Going beyond “odor control” to “disease management”–